The following committees assisted in the development of the NewZO draft:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Planning Commission, a 14-member board that includes six volunteer county representatives, six volunteer city representatives and two ex-officio members (i.e., County Manager and City Manager). The Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the NewZO process and serves in an advisory role with regard to the draft zoning ordinance and zoning map. The Commission will review the draft at a public meeting and make a recommendation to the Mayor and Aldermen.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee consisted of approximately 30 private and local government professionals who worked with MPC staff to develop the first draft of the zoning ordinance, which was a unified zoning ordinance at that time. The Technical Committee met 2007-2010.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consisted of approximately 75 community and neighborhood leaders, building and design-related professionals, as well as focus group members. Focus groups were created based on specific areas of interest, such as a particular use and signage. The Advisory Committee reviewed the draft prepared by MPC staff and the Technical Committee prior to the initial public comment period. This group met 12 times from April - June of 2010, and twice more in April - May 2011.

MPC staff responded to more than 400 questions from the Advisory Committee.

Stakeholder Groups

In addition to committees, work with a number of stakeholders groups has occurred and will continue, as necessary. Stakeholders can be neighborhoods, business associations and other interested groups. To date, more than 300 meetings have been held.