Project Documents

Zoning Ordinance Drafts

NewZO Draft 4: Coming Soon. Until then, Draft 3 is available for review. The existing and proposed base and overlay zoning districts can be viewed using the zoning map viewer. This map is specific to NewZO.

NewZO Draft 3: was released in May, 2014. Although the decision had been made to have separate zoning ordinances for the city of Savannah and unincorporated Chatham County, the draft remained unified for the sake of efficiency. Once finalized, the intent was to have separate zoning ordinances for the city and county. Since the release of Draft 3, Chatham County no longer seeks to have an updated zoning ordinance.

Existing Zoning Ordinances (Official and Unofficial Versions)

City of Savannah Zoning Ordinance (Official Version): The City of Savannah uses a code codification service to update the City Code, which includes the zoning ordinance. Updates to the City Code typically occur about twice a year. Amendments that have been approved by City Council but that have not yet been codified are listed.

City of Savannah Zoning Ordinance (MPC Version): MPC maintains an unofficial version of the zoning ordinance that is updated as amendments are made by City Council to the text. This allows the public to view changes in a timely manner. However, reliance on zoning information should be based on the official version maintained by the City of Savanah. For official zoning information, including zoning letters, contact the City Zoning Administrator or by phone at 912-651-6510.

Background / Educational Information

  • Guide to Understanding the Proposed NewZO A brochure that provides background on the NewZO process and the improvements that an updated zoning ordinance will provide.
  • Zoning Assessment Report MPC began the zoning update process in 2007 by evaluating the existing zoning ordinances for Savannah and Chatham County, including other development-related ordinances and policies. This work resulted in the "Zoning Assessment Report." The report also serves as an educational tool as it explains the fundamentals of zoning.
  • Summary of NewZO Chapters This document provides an overview of the purpose of each chapter and appendix in the NewZO.

Zoning District Information

Meeting Information

  • Stakeholder Meetings to Date This list includes major stakeholder meetings by date and group. Stakeholders include neighborhood associations, business groups, elected officials and others as noted.