After several years and a great amount of community input, the final version of the City of Savannah’s new zoning ordinance and zoning map has been posted.

A full version of the document is available as well as a redline copy highlighting changes from Final Draft 6 posted on Febuary 7, 2019. The zoning map viewer may be used to show existing and proposed zoning districts. An Executive Summary has also been prepared to acompany the document.

Next steps will include an agenda item on the adoption of the zoning ordinance and zoning map at the Planning Commission meeting held on Tuesday, April 2, 1:30 p.m. at the Metropolitan Planning Commission at 110 East State Street. Following the review by Planning Commission, it will go to City Council for a zoning hearing and 1st and 2nd reading.

NewZO is the tool used to implement the Chatham County-Savannah Comprehensive Plan and revises the existing zoning code and zoning map. Zoning is used by jurisdictions across the country to classify the division of land into separate districts and regulates what uses are permitted, prohibited or permitted with conditions. It is also used to promote compatible patterns of land uses and includes site development standards to maintain consistent and compatible development pattern.

Please note, the document may be updated periodically to correct typographical and grammatical errors. Citizens wishing to provide comment on NewZO are encouraged to attend the Planning Commission on April 2. Citizens are encouraged to contact staff and share their comments prior to the meeting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the MPC at 912-651-1440 or City of Savannah at 912-525-3097 or email planning@savannahga.gov.

Proposed Timeline

The Planning Commission: Revised NewZO for Recommendation to Council

Apr 2, 2019

City Council Zoning Hearing

Apr 25, 2019

City Council First Reading

May 9, 2019

City Council Second Reading

May 23, 2019

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