NewZO is back on track—with some changes. NewZO is now an updated zoning ordinance for only the City of Savannah.

Where We’ve Been… Previously, this process was known as UZO, or Unified Zoning Ordinance. UZO was a joint effort by the City of Savannah and Chatham County to update and unify their separate zoning ordinances. During the drafting process, it was determined that separate zoning ordinances for each jurisdiction would be easier to maintain and enforce. That decision led to a new name for the project: New Zoning Ordinances or NewZO.

Where We Are Going… Only the City of Savannah is in the process of updating its zoning ordinance. The term “NewZO” remains and will serve as the reference name for the ongoing process of updating the zoning ordinance and zoning map for Savannah.

The latest zoning ordinance draft available to the public is Draft 4, which is available for public review and comment. To leave a comment please click the Post a Comment link located under the Draft 4 Ordinance or on the contact us page.

The zoning map viewer used to show existing and proposed zoning districts has been updated and improved for greater functionality. For properties located within unincorporated Chatham County and other jurisdications located in the county, please visit SAGIS to view zoning districts as they are not available on the zoning map viewer.

If you need assistance, please contact us.

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